About Us

Knight Support was built from the heart, it came from a place of heart break and sadness and now gives others joy.

Knight Support was founded by Lynne Knight after being diagnosed and now recovering from complex PTSD and alcohol addiction – her journey led to utter desperation and despair, being completely unsupported she was facing homelessness with her family.

After a major breakdown Lynne was finally given the help she needed and is now in a stable position to help others in similar circumstances.

Brighton has a large rough sleeping community and Lynne and her children decided to use any spare time to gather supplies, clothing, food and comfort to our homeless. Over the years Lynne has gained strength and support from many trusted volunteers and ‘Knight Support’ is now established as a registered charity; we work with Brighton & Hove City Council and other local charities, and have a homeless Outreach Service in Brighton every Sunday 6:15pm.

 “I was told in early recovery that it would bring a world beyond my wildest dreams, that I would be happy joyous and free. I have people who believe in me. I have a life worth living today, I have purpose and I get to see the priceless help so many people have for our Homeless friends. We have a team of truly inspirational people who, like me, give and devote their time to making a difference to homeless people in Brighton and Hove.”

Lynne Knight - 2021

Who We Are

Lynne Knight
Founder and Co-Chair
Tom Acott

Jonathan Lank


Chief Governance Officer

Gemma Wright


Head of Operations

Paula Pattenden


Outreach and Finance Coordinator